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Our Pilates reformer equipment meets the highest standards and can easily compete with the best in the world. The focus is on the customer and satisfaction, then it remains sustainable and that leads our customers but also us as a company to our goal!

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Advantages of Pilates equipment training

The secret weapon against ageing and for sustainable fitness

Pilates is a form of training that also appeals to men over 40 and is geared towards individualised training plans in our PURITÈ Pilates studios.

Expert guidance and personalised support

At Purite Pilates Studio you will receive professional instruction and a personalised training plan that takes your health into account.

Against the genetic degeneration process

Regular Pilates training not only strengthens muscles, but also prevents genetic muscle weakness. Spring-supported exercises promote mobility and strength.

Muscles instead of fat

Pilates equipment training, especially on the reformer, strengthens the muscles and promotes a firmer contour, which helps to slow down the natural ageing process.

"I'm not into bodybuilding; I'm just trying to make people into normal people."

Joseph Pilates

Make more of your health and your studio

How does the Pilates Reformer workout work?

The Reformer utilises the principle of resistance to strengthen and tone the muscles. The device's individually adjustable springs allow the resistance to be adapted to the individual's abilities and needs. This enables highly individualised and effective training that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

What are the benefits of Pilates Reformer training?

Pilates Reformer training is a customisable and effective full-body workout that has a positive effect on strengthening and toning the muscles, improving flexibility and promoting balance. The focus is on strengthening the deep muscles, especially in the core area, which contributes to good posture and a strong back. Thanks to the joint-friendly and controlled training on the reformer, the risk of injury is minimised.

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The P4 Bavaria

leader in pilates equipment

Our company has set itself the task of perfecting Pilates equipment without abandoning the classic line. We combine timeless aesthetics with sophisticated technology and produce premium equipment that combines functionality and aesthetics. At affordable prices in your area for advice, training, equipment, business plan for PURITÉ franchise and after sales.

Spare part, disposal, purchase.

Products we are proud of!

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Trapeze

Pilates small equipment

High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, High Mats

Spare parts

Springs, castors or parts covered with leather or imitation leather, all available from us

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